About Sajeev Nair

Sajeev NairSajeev Nair is a very successful entrepreneur turned transformational success coach and author. He ventured into business through the largest direct selling company in the world, Amway Corporation, and has one of the largest distribution networks for Amway. He has set up highly successful ventures in the hospitality industry and also in training and the business consulting industry.

After training more than 50,000 people from all walks of life and mentoring thousands of people to achieve higher levels of success in life, he has been considered a transformational expert. Thousands of people have benefited from his transformational interventions, which have helped them

from breaking bad habits to even manifesting big dreams in life. For the last eight years he has been researching on the influence of luck and coincidences in the lives of successful people. As a result, he has brought out a revolutionary concept, ‘Thought Process Re-engineering,’ (TPR), which is a scientific process for creating meaningful coincidences in life and for manifesting one’s dreams. As a part of social commitment he runs a Business Consulting division, Bramma Business Insights, exclusively for bringing in transformations in small and medium enterprises in India. Sajeev has authored two bestselling books in Malayalam and writes in many leading publications and runs a popular blog at http://www.sajeevnair.com


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