‘A book to break all limitations in the mind and get one connected with the ultimate power to create one’s own world.’

I am not the author, I am an instrument used by the author to express whatever the original Author, the Ultimate Creator, intends to express through me. How can a pen say that, ‘I am writing this book,’ the same way how can I say ‘I am writing this book’? I am just a medium and for that I am grateful to the Almighty for choosing me as his instrument.

I believe, ‘we are not human beings having a spiritual life, rather we are spiritual beings having a human life!’

Tathaastu is written with such an intention – a book which can take a person closer to the fulfillment of dreams. The main objectives of this book are to:

  • make one realize the true worth of one’s life
  • understand the scientific principles behind getting what one wants from life or getting the dreams fulfilled in life
  • shatter limiting belief systems and build new belief systems that are aligned with one’s purpose in life
  • know the science behind the brain and the process of creation of thoughts and feelings
  • understand how thoughts and feelings create physiological and neuro-chemical changes
  • redefine the concept of God and the belief in God
  • understand the concept of luck and coincidences
  • understand the process of creation and how to be a part of it
  • know the power of prayers and how to make the prayers powerful
  • understand the science behind manifestation
  • learn how imagination works on one’s brain and nervous system; and
  • bridge the gap between spiritual fulfillment and material achievements.

The reason why this book got written is because the secret of success in life still remains a mystery. Though thousands of books have already been written on this topic and millions of seminars have been held on this subject, a sure shot formula for success still remains unknown. I myself have laid hands on scores of books on goal setting and have always felt something missing in all these books.

Many people fail even after setting clear-cut goals for themselves. Some get totally worn out and shattered as a result of their tiresome never-ending journey towards success.

They still never let the hope go because it is almost instilled in them that ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’. Hence, they force themselves in the journey for years resulting in undue stress, the primary one being a financial stress.

I also have conducted thousands of motivational seminars and have seen positive transformations happening in many people’s lives. But at the same time, I have also seen a lot of people struggling to achieve success in life even after being committed, dedicated, determined and disciplined. I told them, no matter what, always think positively.

In fact, my eyes were opened when I got a chance to have a discussion on this topic with a well-known author and soul healing expert. He said that he had got many patients who suffered from mental stress as they forced themselves hard to think positively. He said, ‘When they were hit with more and more negative thoughts they got stressed’. This statement really confused me, but inspired me to do more research on this subject. In the last six years I dedicated majority of my time for doing an in-depth analysis on this subject and I would say that, to a great extent, I have become successful in understanding some significant facts which to a certain extent may contradict the normal sure-shot formula for success, claimed by many.

I applied the reworked new principles for success in my life and saw absolutely miraculous transformations in the last few years. I could make major progressive advancements in various areas of my life, i.e. health, wealth and asset creation, intellectual advancements as an author and as a trainer transforming thousands of lives, spiritual advancements by knowing God in its true sense and helping lot of people re-define their belief in God. In the last three years I have conducted many workshops and seminars and have seen powerful positive results in people who have practiced these principles. I, honestly, from the bottom of my heart believe that these principles will bring unbelievable positive transformations in the lives of millions of people around the world if followed religiously.

We all are connected to an infinite intelligence, a common mind, which knows it all. In this age of technology we can call it the ‘Universal Server’. If you are not connected with the server or if there are some disturbances in the connection with the server, you will not get the answers or information. The same way you have the universal server. If you are connected with this server you can get any information anytime, as this server does not have the limitations of an internet server. Some of the questions which I have been asked many times are:

  • Why only a few people are able to achieve their goals?
  • Does luck play a role in one’s success? If so, is there a way one can control one’s destiny?
  • What is ‘God’s hand’ in one’s success?
  • Do prayers give results? If so, why some people even after having belief in God and offering regular prayers, face a lot of hardships in life?
  • Why do some ‘hardworking and genuine people’ get bad results in life?
  • What is true spirituality? Do we lose spiritual connectivity if we are aiming for materialistic things in life?
  • Is it really possible for anyone to have the life he/she wants?
  • Is it really possible to control emotions and thoughts?
  • If so, how could it be done?
  • Are the Miracles of Manifestation experienced and practiced by Jesus Christ or Mohammed Nabi or Lord
  • Krishna and lot of sages true? If so, what is the science behind it?

I can say with firm belief that this book will give answers to all these questions and will create a radical change in the thought process of the present generation. As the author I can commit that once someone completes reading this book his/her life will transform totally in a positive direction. And hence, I believe that this book is not just a book for reading, but a book for bringing in absolute positive transformations in people’s life and hence positive transformations in the society.



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